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Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.demon.co.uk
Mon May 14 12:35:48 UTC 2007

Jason Clifford wrote:
> I have decided that the server the lists are currently on should be 
> completely replaced with shiney new hardware so I am now looking at the 
> finance considerations for this.
> I'd appreciate if anyone can recommend a good supplier of servers that are 
> not too power hungry.

I've been quite impressed with some of the HP stuff we've used recently.
A DL350 G5 chassis can take two dual-core CPUs, up to 32Gb RAM, up to 6
SAS disks, with hardware RAID (Compaq controller with full Linux
support) and redundant hotplug PSUs. The whole lot sits in 1u, and power
consumption/compute horsepower isn't too bad. The base comes with 1 CPU,
 1 PSU, 1Gb RAM and no disks, but right now they have a deal that means
you can get a second CPU free, and they're not too overpriced, for what
they are:-


The little 2.5" SAS disks help on the power front, and the systems run
Debian really very nicely. They also have HPs iLo, which is kinda crap*,
but it's something I suppose.


* When you buy a server with an iLo, and it turns out they want you to
buy an additional license to enable all the features of said iLo, I
start to object....
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