[Gllug] (OT) Server spec for 100W power consumption

James Roberts jr at stabilys.com
Thu May 17 12:01:06 UTC 2007

Anthony Newman wrote:
> Disks
> probably require 15-20W a piece if they're working hard (that is a guess 
> though).

I think this is a bit pessimistic. The maximum average consumption for 
various 7200 rpm SATAs I have around is <10W at full cry. SCSI is a 
different matter of course :)

Measured consumption (true RMS integrated measurements) for a Core 2 
(2x1.86) duo box with 2 GB 533 and 3xSATA (2 on 3Ware RAID1 for data and 
1 system) is <65W running no server load. Full load is over 250W of 
course but I have only every seen that in testing. YMMV. This on Debian 
etch running multiple (4) VMWare installs averages at <75W long term.

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