[Gllug] Recommendations please for FAST Remote X Window desktop on Windows

John Hearns john.hearns at streamline-computing.com
Thu May 31 15:03:42 UTC 2007

James Roberts wrote:
> I have tried using Xming and VNC4 for simplicity: both of these work but 
> are really rather too slow to be pleasant (100Mbps network).
> Before I slog through all the various options for remoting the display, 
> I just wanted to ask the assembled expertise what they have found to 
> work well and quickly? Or how to best tune for speed?

Nomachine NX server.

We in fact now bundle this with our clusters.

Don't bother with anything else, this will fit the bill for you.
And I know for a fact it works well over 100Mbps networks.

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