[Gllug] Transfer of broadband and telephone to housemate

Andrew Black - lists andrew-lists at mail.black1.org.uk
Thu Sep 6 03:31:12 UTC 2007

Gundemarie Scholz wrote:

> However, if I could convince BT not to cease the line Eclipse could do
> just a transfer of ownership, and there would be no downtime at all. The
> Indian BT helpdesk guy told me (as far as I could understand his accent)
> though that it is impossible not to cease the line.

Some random thoughts that are not quite an answer (or maybe not the one 
you want!)

I had an argument about the practicalities of getting broadband and I 
got what was clearly nonsense from my ISP. I rang up a few others and 
plumped for AAISP because I felt there helpdesk knew what they were 
talking about.

Eclipse seem to be taking the simplest approach (or maybe the helpdesk 
minion doesn't know). I would consider moving to a more supportive ISP.


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