[Gllug] (OT) Early Christmas

TreeBoy gllug at petethetree.co.uk
Sat Aug 30 18:32:36 UTC 2008

May I suggest DNUK ?

My employer buys all of our gear from them and they will pre-install Linux.


On Friday 29 August 2008 02:50:31 Don Williams wrote:
> Hi there Glluggers, after a summer of installing Debian a few times and
> a few other distros, all with enjoyment and a savage rattling of my aged
> brain cells, my SWMBO has said "go choose" a new bit of desktop kit.
> Early Crimbo! Many times in the past this forum has guided me well - so
> how about now?
>      I want: a reasonably well-built bit of kit, c£350-550,
> with a ginormous hard drive making it easy (for me) to have a couple of
> distros up and running, but arriving with Debian 5 or the current Ubuntu
> ready installed;
> with reliable CD and DVD read/write drive;
> with good up-to-date graphics - NOT for gaming (fingers too old'ncrabby
> for that) but much playing with Gimp and Scribus and scanning and
> photographs, all to appear on a nice large screen (20-inch?);
> with (hopefully) a working Gnash;
> with over five USB ports (for scanner, printer, zip drive, skype 'phone
> et al);
> and most seriously, any recommendations/criticisms from your
> so-much-younger brain cells (bow, scrape, scrape).
>      I have looked at HP and was pretty well put off by its site's
> insistence on implementing Flash, saw OpenForEveryone (and its 8.10.2
> Desktop PC for £315 - any reportage/experience?) and then thought oooh
> yeah, the Glluggers! So, this request ...
>      If I offend by this screed, first my apologies and second, feel
> free to suggest I depart in short jerky movements.
>      Respectfully, Don Williams
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> Microsoft sells you Windows - Linux gives you the whole house ...
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