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Ryan Cartwright ryan at crimperman.org
Tue Aug 19 19:24:00 UTC 2008

David L Neil Mailing list a/c wrote:
> Ryan Cartwright wrote:
>> I've had great results from an HPC5180[1]. I wrote a review/article
>> about my experiences installing it at FSM[2]. I seem to recall it was
>> around £70 at PC World.
>> [1] http://preview.tinyurl.com/59n8nc
>> [2] http://preview.tinyurl.com/59n8nc
> Ryan: I concur with your observation about HP and GNU/Linux - it was
> exactly what I noted when I read the HP spec sheet. Did you write an
> update how-to detailing how you managed to move the device onto the
> network (and still keep scanning)?

I didn't write a howto because it ended up being a little brief:
(apt-get install hplip and then run hp-toolbox) but I might do one as it 
would make sense to tell others how simple it was. hp-toolbox does 
everything for you, including detecting the unit on the LAN. You might 
need to run it via sudo the first time though.

There are two ways to scan from the HP5180 via the network:
* hp-toolbox which gives you full functionality (and will hook into 
things like Kooka/Xsane as well)
* use the web interface directly to the printer on your LAN. This one 
gives you fewer options than desktop clients but for a quick scan it 
works a treat.

Ryan Cartwright
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