[Gllug] Vacancy: Linux Sysadmin, Desktop Sysadmin, MySQL DBA etc (LONDON)

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Mon Jul 7 10:50:46 UTC 2008

james wrote:
> i hold my hands up regarding the fact that the subject line of my post
> was prefixed with VACANCY rather than ADVERT.
> whilst the policy does read "no postings from agencies" the next
> sentence reads somewhat differently.
> we do not strictly offer an agency service - but instead a consultancy -
> its different.  i.e. for example, we spend time with our clients
> (sometimes on-site and socially outside the office, for example bowling
> nights) to gauge an appreciation of the type of people that would fit
> into the team our client is hiring for.    we are also technical
> ourselves which helps as we like be able to hold intelligent
> conversations with our clients and candidates.  
> there was nothing in the commercial posting policy that referred to
> consultancies.

<fx>Puts list admin hat on</fx>

You've broken the list posting rules, and when pulled up for it, you're 
trying to make sophistic excuses as to why you've broken the list 
posting rules.

You may not post any further adverts here.  You may only advertise 
vacancies if your advert strictly meets the posting criteria detailed at:


You are welcome to start on-topic threads and participate in active ones.

Hope this makes things clear for you.  If you're in any way still 
confused, please contact me directly and I'll clarify anything you don't 

This thread is now closed.

<fx>Removes list admin hat</fx>

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