[Gllug] Is_Talktalk_linux-friendly

Don Williams don at rose963.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 14 10:31:29 UTC 2008

Hi - I've been told by Talktalk sales people that running Linux is no 
problem in installing/using their web/phone services.
	Their literature informs me that a Windows-friendly CD is supplied for 
the installation of the necessary software to connect/use the supplied 
wired modem - however, on questioning, I was eventually told that it 
would be "simple" to find the required drivers and install them without 
the use of the CD or Windows. I have my doubts, largely because I had to 
spell "Linux" for them ...
	I happily run Debian Etch on an HP Pavilion desktop PC and currently 
connect to the web through a Belkin router and a very efficient, yet a 
bit pricey, Demon service.
	I welcome and appreciate in advance any and all advice on this subject 
from GLLUGers.

Don Williams
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