[Gllug] Difference between svn: and svn+ssh: on the server

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Tue Jul 29 15:48:18 UTC 2008

Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> John Winters wrote:
>> I think I'll just set up a VPN and use that.
> Or just have Apache server the repos for you.  I find that tends to be a 
> lot easier to deal with and debug.

Ah yes - if the server weren't already set up as an svn: server.

I seem to have sussed it.  You just do:

ssh -L 3690:localhost:3690 <target server>

first and then leave this ssh session open for as long as you want to
use subversion.  Then invoke svn with:

svn list svn://localhost/<repository>

and you're away.

I would have thought it was more logical for svn's inbuilt
tunnel-over-ssh feature to work in this way, but it doesn't.

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