[Gllug] Tomcat V's JBoss

Rhys rhys at rhyspowell.com
Thu Jul 17 22:59:11 UTC 2008

Hello All,
   The company I currently owrk for are looking to move away from our 
current middle ware application server (Oracle application server) to 
something new. The most immediate suggestion was Tomcat but one of our 
longer term developers has suggested JBoss. Has has said that we really 
need to consider JBoss as we are likely to need JMS, single sign on, etc...
Not being a developer I dont really understand the EJB with JBoss as 
opposed to using Tomcat/openJMS etc.
The skill set within the department is better at Tomcat, what would the 
learning curve on JBoss be in comparison?
Another concern is the numbers of developers that are out there for each 
application server.
As this group is a huge pool of wonderful information and experience is 
was hoping that some people could help in explaingin the pro and cons of 


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