[Gllug] x server fail at boot

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Fri Jun 13 13:49:11 UTC 2008

Ryan Cartwright wrote:
> I gave that advice to someone once and during the re-install they chose
> to format and the whole drive as "recommended" by the installer.

I recall trouble a few years back when one distribution started offering
to format the whole drive by default.  (IIRC it was some sort of server,
but I don't recall which one - some sort of Red Hat version?)  There
were quite a few incidents of people clicking straight through the "This
will destroy all data on the drive" and "Are you sure you want to delete
everything on the drive?" boxes and then being stunned to find that it
all went.

There was a certain amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth.


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