[Gllug] Draytek Vigor 2700VG/2820Vn as a Asterisk alternative

Justin Perreault justinperreault at dl-jp.com
Tue Jun 17 18:04:18 UTC 2008

A while ago some of you were recommending the Draytek Vigor ADSL2

I have just checked out their site and see that they have introduced a
modem that will convert the pots line and allow you to choose on
dialling either using the voip rules you set or just to act as a pass
through. The model which seems most capable is the 2820Vn series:

I am wondering has anyone used either this one or the older 2700VG for
the purposes of voip?

I am wondering specifically about the ability to program sufficient
rules to provide for several options like prefix dialling for numbers
entered of a certain area code based on time of day. So that using
calling plans becomes seamless and they can be combined effectively.

With Asterisk I was looking at using more options than these routers
seem to provide but that was more of using them because they were there.
If these have sufficient scope for implementing rules then 90-95% of the
reason for me to use Asterisk becomes moot. The last 5-10% becomes
difficult to justify the time, money, space, heat and energy consumption
of a stand alone Asterisk box.

I am also open the possibility that these routers might be best used as
a gateway for an Asterisk box. 

Any thoughts?


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