[Gllug] VACANCY: Production Support Engineer

Sean Burlington sean at practicalweb.co.uk
Sun Jun 1 12:12:23 UTC 2008

Iain Gray wrote:
> Ok so little success this time round.
> Anyone have any other ideas for job posting to get the kind of skills I'm after?

Hi Iain,

    I think this was a relevant vacancy advert and I'm glad of these 
sort of postings.

It seems that at the moment the IT job market is buoyant -it may just be 
that there are a shortage of applicants at the moment.

What I find a bit frustrating about job ads in general is that they 
either don't try to sell the job at all - and focus almost entirely on 
what they want from the potential employee.

Or - and this usually applies to agency postings - they are full of 
marketing speak ('fantastic opportunity', 'blue chip company', 'vibrant 
design led agency') - but don't really tell you what the job is.

The kind of posts I'm more likely to reply to tell me

* where the job is (I don't like commuting)
* something about pay
* what skills are required (your does this)
* what my responsibilities would be (yours does this nicely)
* a bit about the company

I'm really keen on ads that also tell me something about how the job 
might progress over time

I'm not keen on those that provide a long list of skills that would be 
useful - these usually make the job sound much more high powered than it 
is so I either feel under-qualified or think the pay is too low.

Supplementary lists of skills could be useful if presented as a list of 
skills likely to be developed on the job - that the job sounds like a 
great opportunity to learn.

Or a list of skills you'd like and are willing to either pay for or 
train somebody in (if neither apply - leave it out of the ad).

I've drifted a bit from replying to your post specifically - but I hope 
some the above is useful.


Sean Burlington

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