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william pink will.pink at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 09:41:16 UTC 2008

Hello All,

I have a script that checks for system load then sends a email if it is over
a certain threshold ( Its a cut down version from the one on Nixcraft )
Here is the script


# Script to check system load and remove from cluster if higher than 6.0

RCLUSTER=`/usr/local/bin/in-cluster no`
#load at 1 minute
LOAD=`uptime | sed -e "s/.*load average: \(.*\...\), \(.*\...\),
\(.*\...\)/\1/" -e "s/ //g"`

#input in tempfile
echo "Load average to high removed from cluster, Load currently at $LOAD
allowed limit $NOTIFY." > $TEMPFILE

# Compare results to benchmark
RESULT=$(echo "$LOAD > $NOTIFY" | bc)

# IF so do your thing

if [ "$RESULT == $TRUE" ]; then
        mail -s "$HOST has been removed from the cluster" "$EMAIL" <


What I am having problems is bc will return back the value 0 but it will
still execute the commands

here is the bash -x output

root at thebrain:/home/will/scripts# bash -x loadtest.sh
+ bash -x loadtest.sh
++ mktemp
+ TEMPFILE=/tmp/tmp.xtzco30283
++ hostname
+ HOST=thebrain
+ TRUE=1
++ uptime
++ sed -e 's/.*load average: \(.*\...\), \(.*\...\), \(.*\...\)/\1/' -e 's/
+ LOAD=2.19
+ echo 'Load average to high removed from cluster, Load currently at 2.19
allowed limit 3.'
++ echo '2.19 >= 3'
++ bc
+ '[' '0 == 1' ']'
+ echo test then
test then
+ echo 'test failed!'
test failed!
+ rm -f /tmp/tmp.xtzco30283
++ echo -ne '\033]0;root at thebrain: /home/will/scripts\007'

Any suggestions gratefully received


P.S Of course a easier way to do it would be for it to just check the RESULT
variable and see if it is a 1 or 0 and just act upon that but I would like
to get this method working.
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