[Gllug] NTFS from Ubuntu

Peter Ball CFL at marguet-ball.net
Fri Jun 13 16:02:56 UTC 2008


I've got a laptop with a apparent physical damage on the XP NTFS partition on the hd.

Using a Ubuntu 7.04 boot cd I can see the hd and the network and I managed to copy the 
recovery partition which is Fat32 to my server.

I would like to recover what user data is still on the NTFS partition  but when I try to mount 
The NTFS partition I get:

Unable to mount volume:
mount: wrong fs type. bad option. bad superblock on /dev/hda2. missing codepage or other 

I'm not sure if this is because of the damage to the partition or because Ubuntu doesn't 
understand NTFS .

Can anyone give me some useful suggestions :-)

Peter Ball
peter.ball at marguet-ball.net

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