[Gllug] OT: Finding files in directories recursively

James Roberts jr at stabilys.com
Wed Jun 25 23:16:14 UTC 2008

> With hard drives the price they are there's no reason to use a lossy
> compression scheme at all anymore for home audio - only portable players
> really justify it. For home I keep everything in ripped Flac on a nice
> large drive and stream via a squeezebox. Having the Flac around also makes
> it trivial to re-rip to whatever lossy format of the day turns out to be
> relevant for portable players.

Agreed, but I thought we were talking highly squashed. FLAC does not 
squash very much, and is not supported by many portable players AFAIK.

Neither is WavePack which offers FLAC-style lossless *and* highly 
compressed. But I haven't auditioned that yet.

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