[Gllug] LiveCD that boots withoiut confirmation

damion.yates at gmail.com damion.yates at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 21:53:10 UTC 2008

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Tethys wrote:

> Avi Greenbury writes:
> > Problem is that most of the LiveCDs i've seen either require you
> > to pick an option (install, boot from CD, boot from first HDD
> > etc.) or give a boot: prompt for kernel options.
> The obvious solution is to get them to network boot instead.
> Configure their BIOS to have network booting as the highest priority
> option, set up a boot server and away you go.

Seconded, and I like how Tet says "set up a boot server and away you
go as if this is trivial" fortunately he's right.  It is extremely
trivial using Knoppix.  Knoppix, I'm pretty sure has a timeout too, it
might take several absolutely ages, but I'm pretty sure it does have

So all you need to is pou put the CD in a few machines (or just one
might work), then just run knoppix-terminal-server from a prompt and
press enter a few times.  You can now turn on all the other PCs and
they'll boot using that newly blessed boot server and its CD for their
own knoppix cloop image.

I had no speed issues booting 4 boxes from one initial boot using just
this method.  It has the advantage of requiring no effort, or
knowledge of PXE/tftp etc, and Knoppix is one of the best easy to use
liveCDs I've seen.

 - Damion
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