[Gllug] Anyone using Virgin Media?

john gennard joney at clara.co.uk
Sun Mar 2 08:32:23 UTC 2008

Justin Perreault wrote on 01 Mar 2008

 > I am looking at the bundles Virgin( www.virginmedia.com ) has and
 > it looks like I can actually reduce my bills by about a tenner a
 > month overall for phone, mobile, broadband and I get bonus tv
 > channels to boot.

 > Anyone here using them for their broadband over their fibre-optic
 > lines?

I also have been looking at Virgin, and thought it might be an
option until I found economies disappeared when I costed in the 7p 
'call set-up fee' for each 'phone call made.

Now I find that Barclaycard has changed it's Customer Service
numbers and also will apply a 6p 'call set-up fee'. (I am long
retired and so no longer in the 'thick of things', also, I
rarely read newspapers).

Does anyone know the justification for these fees and how widespread
they are now applied?

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