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Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 07:51:37 UTC 2008

On Fri 12 Sep, Nahuel Marisi wrote:

> Well, I suppose a could take a laptop to show Xen, LVM, KVM, or something
> like that if it's not too technical. Otherwise, showing LTSP with a bunch of
> computers is also interesting.  If the demonstration has to be fun, there
> are some fun things that can be done with a wiimote and a bluetooth equiped
> computer.
> The question is also what kind of people go to the event. Are they only
> business people or are they genuinly interested in learning about the OS ?
> Nahuel

   As far as most people are concerned, they want to pass by all exhibits in
a limited time, choosing to stop at a few that catch their eye. I have seen
too many stands in previous exhibitions with a static display of posters and
a very lonely individual sitting waiting for someone to stop for a chat;
even a few flashing LEDs can be more eye-catching. The first person to stop
and chat can often seed a crowd, because there must be something more
interesting on that stand, even if that person is only asking the way to the
   Previous Linux exhibitions have included displays from organisations
offering advanced servers and networking products as well as the expected OS
distribution and software stands. There was a general assumption that
visitors were interested technically.
   Previous Apple exhibitions have displayed plenty of design and publishing
products, including high quality displays, heavyweight printing and
publishing equipment, specialist commercial fonts, layout and colour
control, and generally aimed at purchasers who may be artistically qualified
rather than those technically interested in the hardware.
   A friend who is a very technically able DTP specialist is keen to use the
best possible facilities available regardless of the OS, swapping files
between Acorn, Apple, Linux, and Microsoft machines to make use of any
particular feature. I suspect that we are more likely to see that kind of
visitor this year, presented with an Apple OS that is now based on BSD.
   I have seen very limited knowledge of Unix compatible Free Open Source
Software generally, and we may see more visitors who are either long-term
Apple users, or Microsoft users considering a switch to Apple, who have
strayed into the .org section.

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