[Gllug] IBM Thinkpad Z61e for sale

Stephen Nelson-Smith sanelson at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 12:35:28 UTC 2008


> In this case, the OP is looking to use Virt on a laptop, I doubt he is
> going to be running dozens of VM's each with a performance interest.

Agreed.  However he has stated in this thread, and in another, that
his specific objective is to play with Xen.  He hasn't (and doesn't
have to) explained why, but given that that's what he wants to do,
notwithstanding the very interesting debate around Richard's general
observations about virtualisation technologies, I see little point in
recommending something else.

> And
> considering Xen lags in its kernel upstream support, does not work with
> a large number of drivers, does not like cpu throttling etc - it makes
> near zero sense running that on your laptop.

Absolutely right, if the OP intends to use the laptop as a laptop.  I
gained the impression he just wanted a machine, probably one that's
not too big or too noisy, to experiment on.

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