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> Dear List :P
> At the moment I make my backups (once every three months when I panicabout my HD dieing) simply by copying the folders I want to backup andcompressing it as a tar.bz2 file. Obviously this is not the mostorganised or efficient way of making backups. So I was wondering whatprograms do you use or suggest in order to do this tedious butnecessary task.

I just tar everything up (using bzip2 as well but I wouldn't bother if I had the space). 

However, to automate it and provide "dump-style" levels support, flexbackup is good. 

I use that to create a hierarchy of backups and generally make DVDs (yes, I'd use something better if I had anything available) of the weekly ones at least using cdbackup. I have "baseline" backups that I tend to do only a few times a year - there is a huge amount of static data that I would rather not be trying to back up even monthly at present.

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