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Mon Dec 7 23:46:04 UTC 2009

I actually find this group qute narky, cliquey and bitchy. I think you  
are only welcome in this group if you like wanking over binary, and  
monochrome binary at that.

I joined this group so that I could learn about Linux and help people  
like my self to use it. I'll tell you one think that Windows does that  
Linux can't - it can be easily accessable to disabled people though  
the use of screen readers and speach recognition programmes. I am  
interested in finding out more but this is not the place. This is a  
bitch list for people who think they are ubergeeks to pour scorn and  
hate on those that don't know enough or follow their party line.

If I meet someone who wants to learn more I do my best to help them. I  
don't beat up on them. Or put barriers in their way. I think great -  
and do what I can to help and encourage them to learn

And BTW bottom posting is horrible if you are like me and rely on a  
screen reader. I have to sit through the entire list of previous  
messages before I get to the answer. Gloss over every time it his >>  
it says 'greater greater'.

I've left so you may now slag me off.

Quoting "Martin A. Brooks" <martin at hinterlands.org>:

> On 07/12/2009 21:36, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
>>   From memory, topic freezes have been very openly declared on-list, and
>> James Camalyn worked very hard to get himself very publicly banned from
>> this list, the only such person I can recall having managed it.
> Incidentally, hello James!
> I'm well aware that you've rejoined the list under a new domain name,
> but now you're doing what we asked you to do all along, so you're a very
> welcome member of the list :)
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