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Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Sun Dec 6 23:56:30 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-03 at 11:27 +0000, chiclets_lover at hotmail.co.uk wrote:
> What are you opipions on windows 7 vs vista and over all both vs xp I don't know weather upgrade up off of xp on to seven what do you guys think ? 
> Rob 
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Are you posting to the right list?  There is NO Microsoft product that
has EVER worked entirely properly, and they have the gall to expect
their users - who have been fooled into wasting lots of money on
brokenware - to be their beta-testers!

A guy I studied with many years ago (who mostly "assembled" the NT
kernel at MS) always used to tell the story of the "development" of the
NT kernel: - it was thrown together in a couple of weeks for
demonstration purposes (for a trade show), and then put into production
without any documentation, any proper, clean build or any testing... and
it's the SAME damn kernel used today in Windows 7.  He described it as
"utterly broken and unmaintainable" in 1992...

It's fun to put a KDE 4 desktop on a machine, and tell the prospective
users that it's Windows 7.  It's funny how their reluctance to try
anything other than MS-ware is entirely overcome!  It's also fun to give
them the option at start-up of choosing the "Mac" option (Gnome)...


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