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Sun Dec 6 15:28:43 UTC 2009

John Edwards wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 06, 2009 at 02:11:55PM +0000, general_email at technicalbloke.com wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just been gifted a nice little compact PC via freecycle, problem is
>> there's no PSU. To make matters worse it has a strange round 4 pin
>> connector (1cm diameter) which I'm not familiar with, I can only assume
>> its 12v + 5v. Anyone have one of these spare or know where I might buy
>> one? Assuming I can't find one and I have to jerry rig my own from an
>> old ATX supply is there a standard way to wire these 12v/5v connectors?
>> If not is there an easy way to figure it out? I don't want to fry the thing!
>> Picture here... http://www.technicalbloke.com/12v5v.jpg
> Looks like it might be a 4 pin "Snap and Lock":
>    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC_connector#Snap_and_lock_DC_power_connectors
> Though I have not seen this in the UK, and don't know where to
> buy replacement PSUs for them.

Yep, that looks like the one, thanks John. I can't find a supplier for
whole PSUs either although it looks like I can at least buy the plugs.
It looks like there's no standard wiring for them either and neither the
nominal manufacturer "Appliansys", or the actual manufacturer "Kink Yung
HK" make any mention of this box on ther websites, let alone have any
downloadable information about them :(

So I guess I'm on my own. Would people agree it's quite likely to
require +12v & +5v? Or is there a fair chance it's something else like
-12v & + 12v. And can anyone suggest a strategy for testing it out
without knackering it? or some things I can look for on the board to
give me a clue? I think I can see which are the ground pins but sadly
I'm no electronic expert :(


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