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Mon Dec 7 12:08:55 UTC 2009

Jason Clifford wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-12-07 at 04:35 +0000, Lucian @ lastdot.org wrote:
>> I want to buy a camcorder and I haven't owned one so far, I have no
>> experience with such devices. I don't really need "HD" quality, but
>> I'd like a cam that would work decently inside & outside and doesn't
>> require any crapware installed on my PC.
>> Could you do any "linux friendly" (my PC runs Centos only)
>> recommendations that would fit a 200-300 quid budget?
> Perhaps look for a straight forward Mini-DV camcorder with a firewire
> (ieee 1394) port and a similar port on your PC (you can buy one for very
> little).
> I have such a setup, bought many years ago, and it's great. I simply
> plug it into my PC, fire up kino and import/edit etc as I wish to.
> It's very simple and it works well.

The DV codec gives far better picture quality than most (allegedly HD)
straight to card camcorders but I'm not sure I'd recommend anyone get
into tape these days, it's unreliable and painfully linear.

I doubt you'd need to install any crapware to read your files anyway,
Kdenlive seems to read and write most everything and ffmpeg can convert
most everything if need be.

If you're a bolshy consumer then take a laptop down to Tottenham Court
Road and ask to demo any units you're interested in til you find one
that works nice ;)

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