[Gllug] Internet connection through mobile phone

sean S.Tohill at westminster.ac.uk
Mon Dec 14 00:07:52 UTC 2009

Andy Smith wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 10:09:59PM +0000, Christopher Hunter wrote:
>> No!!!  3G is largely unavailable (in 80% of the country, it's a figment
>> of the "service" provider's imagination).  Where it does actually exist,
>> it's flaky as hell - it's not reliable enough for even the most casual
>> use.
> I can only say that my experience is very different.
> I have a "3" broadband dongle for Internet access whilst out and
> about, and in most locations it works absolutely fine.  So far these
> locations have included out and about in London, at home in TW14, in
> a couple of hotels in Dublin, Plymouth, and Looe (Cornwall).
> It even works sometimes on train and car journeys, though it can
> drop out for several minutes at a time then which is frustrating.
i have a similar experience. i have 3 mobile just for when i'm 
travelling. it costs £5 per month for 1G of data with a free dongle. i 
use ssh, ftp and some surfing. it seems to work ok in london and on 
regular train journeys to southampton and cardiff. on those journeys i 
get mostly HSDPA, small sections of 3G and some sections with no 
connection, tunnels, deep cuttings etc.
i sometimes have to use it for a couple of days when i'm away from work 
and home, and wouldn't want to use it for much longer, but it's ok for 
maintaining a connection with work and web surfing.

the days of 300baud on a modem, now that was slow. how on earth did 
internetworking ever catch on :)



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