[Gllug] Internet connection through mobile phone

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at py-soft.co.uk
Mon Dec 14 00:04:11 UTC 2009

2009/12/10 felix swart <felix.swart at googlemail.com>:
> I have moved into a flat which is not connected to the local exchange and am
> loathe to hand over roughly £120 to BT for the connection.

This just popped up in the top of Google Mail:

BT Broadband & Phone Deal[1] - www.bt.com/ - No Line Connection Fee
with a Phone Line & Broadband Package.

Haven't had a look at it through, so may be a complete rip off...


[1] http://www.broadband.bt.com/ppc/index.aspx?keyword=british%20telecom&s_cid=con_ppc_zedmedia_vidZ60_Broadband&vendorid=Z60&gclid=CKe-z4nQ1J4CFeZr4wodWGhMsQ
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