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JLMS jjllmmss at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 6 11:46:32 UTC 2009

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 10:23 AM, Colin Wright <co at chocabloc.net> wrote:
> HAHA! Yes I've tried Google someone told me about it the other day.
> Isn't it a maverlouse aparaaaatus... I can only really find manuals on
> these which I have found confusing.  I have posted my questions on
> various forums but no response. I think it's like I said. These
> programmes don't really work. Thing is it's a bit like trying to install
> and set up Jaws if you are blind - atleast it used to be. You can't. You
> need someone who can see to set it up for you. So I suppose most people
> who use and need screen readers and voice recognition programmes
> wouldn't use Linux because they would need someone who doesn't need to
> use them to set it up for them. That's what I was hoping to do for
> someone but I think it's like I said - these are in theory projects. I
> haven't actually got a response from anyone that has used them -
> probably because they don't work.
> Cheers.

Have you talked to the developers?

Sometimes things that are obvious to an user escape completely the
designer or developer....
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