[Gllug] Vista vs seven

Colin Wright co at chocabloc.net
Sun Dec 6 10:23:24 UTC 2009

HAHA! Yes I've tried Google someone told me about it the other day.
Isn't it a maverlouse aparaaaatus... I can only really find manuals on
these which I have found confusing.  I have posted my questions on
various forums but no response. I think it's like I said. These
programmes don't really work. Thing is it's a bit like trying to install
and set up Jaws if you are blind - atleast it used to be. You can't. You
need someone who can see to set it up for you. So I suppose most people
who use and need screen readers and voice recognition programmes
wouldn't use Linux because they would need someone who doesn't need to
use them to set it up for them. That's what I was hoping to do for
someone but I think it's like I said - these are in theory projects. I
haven't actually got a response from anyone that has used them -
probably because they don't work.


Chris Bell wrote:
> On Sat 05 Dec, Colin Wright wrote:
>> It's nice to have a response though. I have asked around many places but
>> no luck - something that I find a shame because many will be excluded.
>    Things to try include a Google search, which may point to a user
> correspondence list or wiki. (I have not even looked at either package).

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