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Chris Bell chrisbell at 3966.ukfsn.org
Mon Dec 28 17:31:22 UTC 2009

On Mon 28 Dec, John G Walker wrote:

> In fact, it occurs to me that the best thing to do would be to move
> everything (including hidden files, which might contain useful
> information) over to the new /home directories. This will be a pain at
> first when I'm actually doing it, but will then mean that I  don't have
> various things in different places, so will make things easier in the
> long run.
> Two questions follow on from this, one essential, the other merely
> useful:
> First, how do I determine what partitions I have. In particular, I'd
> like to make sure I'm mounting the correct partition. There must be
> commands to list partitions and partition contents, but I've never come
> across them. I can't possibly see how a professional sysadmin could
> work without these.
> Secondly, since I'll end up with a spare partition, is there anything
> useful I could keep there in the long run, once the data has been
> moved? Anything that the collective experience of the list suggests
> would be useful to keep separate as well as /home?

   There is nothing to stop you from automounting your /new_home from the
old version and creating symlinks the other way round. A symlink allows you
to read, write, and execute with the same permissions that already exist at
the other end of the symlink, so you effectively combine the two, just be
careful which actual directories are linked across. The quickest way to list
the partitions available on each system, including usb plug-in devices, is to


on each system, or you can examine the contents of each /etc/fstab

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