[Gllug] performance difference between a swap partition vs a swap file.>>>>>

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Thu Dec 3 23:38:52 UTC 2009

On 2 Dec 2009, Tethys outgrape:

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> Narender writes:
>>Could someone please guide me over this, which one is best
> If you need performance, you shouldn't be using swap. Worrying about
> which type of swap is faster is a pointless excercise. They're both
> glacially slow.

Yeah, but if they're heavily fragmented over a large disk (e.g. if you
add a swapfile to a filesystem that's already nearly full) then it gets
slower yet. Mind you, swap access is intrinsically seeky so it's still
glacial no matter what.

With modern RAM volumes, swap is an 'oh shit' recovery mechanism to let
you keep working when you're doing *far* too much at once...
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