[Gllug] Budget desktops

Alistair Mann gllug at lgeezer.net
Fri Feb 27 00:00:27 UTC 2009

Dylan wrote:
> On Thursday 26 February 2009, Alistair Mann wrote:
>> You can buy bog standard Dell desktops off ebay for 150 /at most/
> Are these new, boxed machines?

No, seconds and refurbs.

> I'm planning a trip to TCR when I've got enough of an idea what I'm after, but 
> I'm not going second hand - there's a dozen various boxen and museum pieces 
> in the cellar awaiting playing with. Sometimes you just need a shiny new toy!

Ah, gotcha! In which case, consider Dell's Outlet store -- Inspiron 530, 
160gb drive, 1Gb ram. They have several under 250 at the mo. You may 
have to reinstall the OS. www.dell.co.uk/outlet

Although technically a refurb, I understand many of them are simply 
returns from an over-order, that is, not even opened by the original 
owner, never mind used. I treat them as new.

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