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Wed Jan 7 11:31:00 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 8:02 PM, James Hawtin <oolon at ankh.org> wrote:

>> Oddly enough, I found myself needing to increase the size of my root
>> filesystem just the other day (a yum update didn't have enough free
>> space to complete), and was glad that it was on LVM and I was able to
>> do so without problems...
> Out of interest Was your /var, /usr, /tmp or /home part of your /
> filesystem?

Naturally not. But it seems I come from a bygone era when people
still believed in avoiding unnecessary bloat. I felt (and indeed
still feel) that a 500MB root filesystem should be more than enough.
After all, a root filesystem should contain only what is necessary
to boot the system, and repair it if things go wrong. Hell, even
the FHS agrees with me on that -- indeed it explicitly says that it is
a goal to try and keep the root filesystem as small as reasonably
possible. Sadly, those developing modern distributions seem to
have different ideas :-(

As an interesting contrast, my OpenBSD box has a 50MB root filesystem,
and doesn't come close to filling it. I know that a direct comparison
between the two isn't really possible, but even so, Linux should be
able to manage better than being an order of magnitude larger.


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