[Gllug] VACANCY: MySQL Database Architect (Reading, Berkshire, UK)

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Thu Jan 29 20:48:51 UTC 2009

On 29 Jan 2009, at 15:24, jt at camalyn.org wrote:
> this was also referred to in my post, albeit that people should  
> contact
> me if they would like to discuss the role and that also included the
> salary.

An indication of the salary is just as important as knowing where the  
job is and what skills are required. Without that information, it is  
not possible for a potential applicant to tell whether the role is too  
junior or senior for them, or whether the employer is a chancer.

If such a vital piece of information is omitted, one has to assume  
something negative. In my experience, omitting about the salary means  
it'll be about 60-70% of market rate, and being coy about the location  
means it's in Berkshire. I've yet to see one skip the job description,  
but there's time.

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