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Mark Preston mark at markpreston.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 20:13:03 UTC 2009

Lesley Binks wrote:
> Not sure what model you are looking for but Access Space in Sheffield
> recycles old computers and uses some for its community space.
> http://www.access-space.org/
> I taught a Level 1 (very basic) introduction to computers there which
> included the chance to build a computer - mainly the whole team saw one
> built and we did a Mandriva install - so the participants saw what a
> computer consisted of and how to install a Linux distro.  They could
> then continue on and build a computer at the lab if they so chose.  For
> legal reasons they couldn't take the computer away.
> Access Space is a media/arts based lab with a great deal of creative work running
> through it funded by the Lottery and Arts Council.  I also think
> Sheffield Council may have been supportive in some way to the activity
> though not sure how they were supportive of it.  Am sure rent had to be
> paid on the premises and I don't think they got the site's broadband 
> connection for free.
> As a direct comparison I get the impression there is little interest or
> support for this sort of thing 'down south'....
Hi Lesley,
Southend Linux Users Group (SoSLUG) uses MediaShed
- see

which sounds pretty similar to the setup you describe North of the
Watford Gap.

Mark Preston
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