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Hari Sekhon hpsekhon at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 30 10:09:30 UTC 2009

Christopher Hunter wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-01-29 at 17:21 +0000, Hari Sekhon wrote:
>>    The no salary range is a fair comment. I personally find it very 
>> irritating to see jobs without salaries or at least ranges (of not more 
>> than £5K for the under 50s or £5-10K for the over 50s). Why not simply 
>> put the offered salary down or the range (or just estimate it to make 
>> everyone feel better! ;-) ). If the salary is no improvement on what 
>> people currently earn, then they needn't bother reading the rest, would 
>> save time and be courteous?
> Whenever salaries have ever been mentioned, they are derisory.  There
> was one job advertised here recently that demanded several years of
> experience and quite wide-ranging abilities.  The p. a. salary offered
> wouldn't hire me for ONE MONTH!  These agencies don't seem to have any
> clue...
> Chris
Very good points. I am personally considering moving on in the next few 
months and wouldn't look at any job posting with Salary Negotiable or 
any such rubbish.

I want to see figures that I can filter by. It doesn't matter if a job 
has training and a nice canteen if it's a £5K cut from where I currently 
am, it needs to match or beat my current package to be considered. If I 
see a role which looks interesting, has good skill requirements but the 
salary is a pathetic £30K then I'm obviously not going to take that 
company seriously and wouldn't respond to the ad. If I responded and 
then later found out it was for £30K, I'd be upset at the wasted time of 
being led up the garden path... so why waste everyone's time having to 
do the back and forth to find out something isn't suitable rather than 
simply having the information up front and honest?

If a salary is very poor and people respond badly to it, then the 
recruiter should take that on board and pass those comments back to the 
employer (either quoted to perhaps paraphrased where appropriate) as the 
current feedback from those in the industry which is really important to 
keep employers informed as well. If there is a bad reaction, employers 
should know about it so they get serious and in line with the rest of 
the industry.


Hari Sekhon
Always open to interesting opportunities

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