[Gllug] VirginMedia or Urban Wi-Max experiences

Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 5 12:36:56 UTC 2009

Dylan wrote:
> Did you manage to circumvent the BT line installation issue? If so how? I 
> don't need or want TV or phone service at all and really resent the idea of 
> having to pay BT for a service I'm never going to use.

No, couldn't find an easy way round it and decided to factor it in as 
part of the cost of getting a net connection.

I got the free weekend and evening calls on the landline for free, 
though, so I've found myself using the landline occasionally, just 
because it's easier to hold than a mobile.

Avi Greenbury
http://aviswebsite.co.uk ;)
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