[Gllug] VirginMedia or Urban Wi-Max experiences

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Thu Mar 5 15:41:41 UTC 2009

David Damerell wrote:
> This seems a good place to ask. When I moved in at my current place,
> it was already set up for Virgin (ex-NTL area, not ex-Telewest); I
> telecommute, so I couldn't risk an interruption in connectivity and
> having to go into the office or to friends' houses while also trying
> to move house, so I stuck with them.
> However, the end of the 12-month contract is in sight, and obviously I
> want to ditch them. Any advice on how best to transition to an ADSL
> provider without interruptions?

Since an ADSL offering will come by way of a telephone line the simple
answer is that you get the ADSL installed and working, then terminate
the Virgin connection.  There's nothing to stop them both being there at
the same time.

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