[Gllug] Anyone using ZFS?

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Thu May 7 11:24:59 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I'm considering the fuse-ZFS file system for a new high i/o system I'm
designing and I was wondering if anyone else has been using it for
heavy, mostly serial, i/o loads?

Flakiness and CPU use aren't a problem as the snapshotting/cloning can
potentially save me many more hours than I might lose to the above.

I was wondering what kind of raw throughput performance to expect on a 2
7200rpm drive system (not CPU bound) compared to the alternative Raid 0
+ lvm + Ext3 running on the same hardware. Also, I am wondering how
gracefully performance might degrade with concurrency i.e. with loads
ranging from from one to say 10 concurrent multi gigabyte read/write
operations (r-syncs).

Anyone ever built / operated such a system?

Best regards,

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