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damion.yates at gmail.com damion.yates at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 11:05:49 UTC 2009

On Wed, 28 Oct 2009, Robert Newson wrote:

> damion.yates at gmail.com wrote: ...
> > > The router (and gateway before) gets its IP and DNS server
> > > information from VM - the router has an IP of 77.x.x.x (visible
> > > from both the router and modem status pages).
> > 
> > That's what I assumed, so it IS dhcp ?

> My router is set up to get IP address and [its] DNS from ISP (=VM).


1) You entered them after being provided them by VM in an email

2) The cable modem acts as a dhcp server and the wifi router picks that up

3) Some PPPoE/PPPoA weird direct wire<->wire thing I'm not that familiar

> > > My LAN points to the router for DNS and that forwards the requests
> > > it can't satisfy.  [When switching i/net gateway device I just
> > > changed the IP address of the LAN port of the router to that of
> > > the original PC and everything continued to work as normal.]
> > 
> > Manually or dhcp ?
> All my LAN machines have the router as their DNS.
> When the router supplies an IP with DHCP it supplies itself as DNS; my
> fixed IP machines have the router hardwired in for DNS.
> When DNS requests are made, they go to the router when then forwards
> requests automagically to the DNS it has picked up (currently
> &  Whether the router caches or not, I
> can't say; similarly, I can find no config setting for this, but it
> makes sense to me.

I'm not talking about the wifi router's ability to be a dhcp server.

> On the LAN configuration switch, it was simply a matter of unplug PC,
> plug modem link into WAN port of router (enable WAN), reassign router
> IP address and job done.

So manually?

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