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Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Tue Oct 27 21:45:11 UTC 2009

On 27 Oct 2009, tethys at gmail.com spake thusly:

> - Slow shutdown times. WTF? All a browser needs to do to shutdown is
> save a minimal amount of state to disk and then die (and obviously
> wait for the OS to tidy up after it). But Firefox takes *forever* to
> shutdown.

FF doesn't really do 'minimal' amounts of state. IIRC Ted Ts'o
benchmarking it writing about 500Kb to the disk with each link
followed. (Blame sqlite and the 'awesome bar').

> - Time taken to switch between tabs. There's no excuse for this. It
> should be nearly instantaneous.
> - Time taken to open tabs. Go to http://reddit.com/r/pics and middle

FF's architecture is really not suited to tabs. They were grafted on and
it shows. ://

(FF 3.5 is a lot better htan it used to be here.)

> A few non performance complaints:
> - When it takes *8 years* to implement a CSS property (inline-block)
> that is essential for table-free layout, you know the codebase is
> serious rotten. I wasn't expecting a 5 minute fix, but that was
> ridiculous.

Oh yes. Guess why Konqueror (well, WebKit) is ruling the land now :)
it's actually maintainable.

> - Horribly broken when trying to run it on a remote X server.

Welcome to the Brave New World of megaroundtrips where everyone is
assumed to have at least a gigabit connection path between client and
server :((((( GNOME and KDE are hardly good here either.
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