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Thu Sep 10 12:07:15 UTC 2009

On Thu, September 10, 2009 13:36, Jason Clifford wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-09-10 at 12:14 +0100, - Tethys wrote:
>> So in an attempt to drag things back on topic, I need to edit some
>> video. I would have thought my needs were fairly simple. I want to cut
>> off the start and end of the video. I want to have a static image that
>> I'll use as a splash screen. I want that displayed for a few seconds,
>> and then to fade that into the video itself. To me, that doesn't sound
>> like it should be too taxing. So what's the best application to use?
>> So far, I've tried:
>> - avidemux
>> - kino
>> - lives
>> None of them seem to make this easy. Any alternatives I should be
>> looking at? Any pointers on how to do it using one of the three I've
>> already tried?
> I've used kino for this and found it extremely easy to accomplish this
> kind of thing with. That was a couple of years ago so I'd expect it to
> improved even since then.
> Certainly the editing of the video itself was amazingly easy.
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Should be fairly simple to do in LiVES.

1) load in the video clip to be edited.
2) Deselect Edit -> decouple video from audio
3) select start of video to be deleted and delete it
4) select end of video to be deleted, delete it
5) load in static frame, copy and insert x times
6) select all frames and insert silence in selection
7) copy and then switch to original clip and insert before original clip
8) Encode results.

Optionally after step 4 you can fade in and fade out audio.


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