[Gllug] A little OT: On the limits of VLANs

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Fri Apr 30 00:20:35 UTC 2010

Andrew Back wrote:
> On (00:22 30/04/10), general_email at technicalbloke.com wrote:
>> *Probably going to use Ubuntu desktop for the server but could use
>> anything with a window manager and python2.6 really so suggestions of
>> distros with less irrelevant crap to cull are welcome. Ease of updating
>> is probably top priority.
> I prefer to build up from a simple base than have to pair down a bigger
> default install. For this reason and for the fact that I find 'PF' far more
> intuitive than Linux firewall configuration, I tend to favour OpenBSD for
> this use. But it probably just comes down to personal preference and
> whatever you are most comfortable with. Although were I to use Linux for
> this sort of application I'd probably go with Arch, Debian or even just
> Ubuntu Server rather than Ubuntu desktop (which involves a whole load of
> stuff you just don't need).
> Cheers,
> Andrew

Is it possible to add a gnome desktop to an install of Ubuntu Server
without it dragging all the desktop cruft along too though? I'm still a
linux newb really (about 18 months since I ditched windows) so I'm a wee
bit intimidated by Arch and Debian. Having said that I guess you've
gotta just bite the bullet sometimes?

Apropos of very little, is there a distro where smartmontools _doesn't_
have postfix as a dependency? Alternatively does anyone package smartctl
on its own (can't see why it would need postfix at all really). If not
is this the sort of thing Arch might give me the flexibility to put



V.Cool meeting tonight BTW, nice to be able to say I have held a four
dimensional hypercube even if most people wouldn't know what one is :)
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