[Gllug] bash-tips, learning styles and lofty pursuits

Walter Stanish walter.stanish at saffrondigital.com
Fri Apr 16 21:34:43 UTC 2010

> > iotop --pid=30954 --pid=22534
> For bonus points, and less typing, iotop --pid={16981,45578}
> Bash will automatically expand it into an incantation like Richard's.

Good tip!  I think the intricacies of bash are falling out of favour
at the moment (in terms of # of users vs. # of competent users),
concise contextual tips like this are a good way to spread knowledge.

> I must take issue with the term "a mere child", for it has been my
> invariable experience that the company of a mere child is infinitely
> preferable to that of a mere adult.
>                                           --  Fran Lebowitz

And good footer ;)

In rapidly changing fields such as ours, the spark of innate curiosity
found in young people is a valuable asset that should be protected.

I often ponder that seemingly in many people it has gone missing,
leading (for example) parts of our industry to strange, apparently
self-preservation-linked leaps in to lofty theoretical or abstract
language(/pursuits) which, whilst totally defensible under certain
conditions, when viewed pragmatically in their real-world deployments
frequently contribute little to projects.

Perhaps cultures of buck-shifting, large corporate consultancies
(re: audits, dollar-spinning next-big-thing 3.0 conference junkies),
and the frequent misapplication of ill-suited top-heavy project
management methodologies to the IT world have provided further

(Just my observations, in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek but there's-
 definitely-something-there-from-my-perspective kinda way)

"For all of life's a great stage, and we are all educators upon it"
 ^-- s/instapithyphrase 2.0 (beta\! <- what's this? ;)/shakespeare/g

- Walter
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