[Gllug] Potential new toy: Joojoo pad

Andrew Davies amd_uk at lineone.net
Wed Apr 28 20:40:33 UTC 2010

On 28/04/2010 19:14, Richard Jones wrote:
> http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2010/04/28/joojoo-tablet-first-look-review/
> Interesting price.  If only I wasn't so strapped for cash at
> the moment I might get it ...
> Rich.
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When the original idea was mooted by Micheal Arrington (of TechCrunch 
fame) it was to be a solely browser-based tablet built on Linux. With a 
webkit-based browser and running on a VIA Nano chip, the aim was that it 
would be sold for $200. As reality set in, it became Atom based (so 
cheaper to make but with less battery  life) and the potential cost 
doubled to $400. The uniqueness, at the time, of the product evaporated; 
it became another potential mid-priced tablet that actually did less 
(due to its emphasis on being a web-browser) than other products offered.

Two things have hit what was the Crunchpad hard. The first was that the 
behind the scenes partner (Fusion Garage) decided that it didn't need 
the assistance of the company setup by Arrington (Crunchpad Inc.), so 
the original design team was cast aside. The other, obviously, is that 
the iPad went from being a rumour about Apple ordering thousands of 
touch screens to an actuality.
The Crunchpad becoming the JooJoo, and all that that entailed, caused a 
lot of bad PR. Arrington also claimed that he had several high-profile 
backers who were going to be behind the product at launch and this would 
have helped make the product a success.

There are plenty of Android-based designs supposedly being released over 
the next year. Tegra 2 seems to be the chip of choice for many of the 
potential Android-based designs. The nVidia ARM SoC platform is being 
lined up by lots of manufacturers though how many of these actually pan 
out remains to be seen.
Tegra 2 should be less expensive and more power efficient than the Intel 
Atom (x86 is less conducive to being scaled down) and Android won't 
require the same level of hardware as Windows XP/7 will so hopefully 
we'll be seeing the $200 tablets being available (the iPad, based on an 
ARM SoC, came in at a lot less than first expected, even if you accept 
the fact that it's crippled as a platform intentionally be Apple.)

Dell have a few planned:-
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