[Gllug] Cloning software for CentOS 4 system

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> I need to clone a CentOS 4.3 server which has 3 x 150GB WD Raptors in a RAID5 configuration via an LSI MegaRAID card. However, I'll be doing away with the RAID and restoring to a single 1TB 7200rpm drive. The filesystem is ext3 with minimal/standard partitions, ie. /,  /boot and /swap. Since everything is currently on /dev/sda can I fool the restore into maintaining the device by simply substituting a SATA drive or will it be expecting a RAID setup and fail to restore?

Create a /boot filesystem on the new server, make the rest of the disk
LVM, and create swap and root logical volumes. Then just

dd | netcat

to get the old filesystem data onto the new partitions/LVs. Then
resize as appropriate (for root, at least -- for /boot, just make sure
you make it large enough).


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