[Gllug] A little OT: On the limits of VLANs

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> Is it possible to add a gnome desktop to an install of Ubuntu Server
> without it dragging all the desktop cruft along too though?

A gnome desktop *is* cruft. You don't really want a desktop at all
on your server. If X is installed, I see that as a bug. Sadly, I
seem to be in a minority there.

But AFAIK, the only difference between Ubuntu Server and Desktop
is the package selection (and maybe different kernel config).
So just installing whatever applications you want on top of the
server install should be fine. apt will pull in whatever extra
dependencies are necessary. Whether you define that as cruft or
not, I can't say.

Also, like Bruce, I wouldn't be choosing Ubuntu here. If you're
comfortable in a Debian-ish world, then go for proper Debian
over Ubuntu. Alternatiely, you might want to look at CentOS.


“It seems intuitively obvious to me, which means that it might be
wrong.” -- Chris Torek
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