[Gllug] shell-fu to monitor multiple log files simultaneously?

Victor Churchill vchurchill at softwareshack.eu
Tue Apr 13 10:28:06 UTC 2010

On 13 April 2010 11:05, Thomi Richards <thomir at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes, the log files are from an application I am developing - they're
> debug logs, rather than application logs (which do go to syslog). I'm
> trying to debug some complex interaction between thw two processes,
> and I'm finding it hard to do that when tail interlaces the two log
> files together (you'd think it should make it easier huh).
> Thanks for everyone's help... I'll go download multitail right now!
> multitail may well be the way you want to go.

An alternative (and I honestly am not fanning a flame war) is to say
emacs -nw file1 file2 and put the two buffers into auto-revert-tail-mode
(which can no doubt with the right voodoo be done from your .emacs startup
file). Has the possible advantage you can search the buffers too.
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