[Gllug] Cloning only one of two partitions & how necessary is swapspace...

John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 10 08:24:25 UTC 2010

You could attach the disk to your existing system, clone it as you say,
mount it, mount /proc  then chroot into it and run grub-install (or
whatever your favourite bootloader is)

   you'll have to look at /dev/disk/by-id  device naming in grub/menu,

   make sure you have an initrd containing the drivers for your SSD
(I'd guess this is OK anyway)

   I have memories of trying this technique once (*) and it ending in
tears... as I recall grub couldn't find the relevant disk when I was
in the chroot. Sorry - can't remember how I dug myself out of that
(*) Not the same situation - system was either booted from Knoppix or
from PXE and I was trying to clone in a new hard drive - maybe that's
why it could not find the disk in a chroot as the distro would be
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