[Gllug] bash-tips, learning styles and lofty pursuits

Ciarán Mooney general.mooney at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 19 08:51:10 UTC 2010


> That's also one of the reasons I mentioned "introductory bash" might
> make a good topic for a subsequent GLLUG at the GLLUG meetup yesterday
> and it's one of the reasons I'm not afraid to ask stupid questions here,
> often they provoke useful insight from those of us not raised in a GUI
> world!

I agree!

I need someone with confidence in the -fu to step forward to do it! I
have a feeling there will be apprehensive sys-admins out there who
have -fu but assume that everyone already knows all the little tricks
they know. This is most likely not the the case!

If you use bash on a day to day basis, in varying situations and you
can get it to do "cool" stuff. Please think about giving a talk.


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